Sant Rawool Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Kudal.


Refund of Fees on Cancellation

Refund of Fees on Cancellation of Admissions


  • Students, will be given admission to the College only after paying prescribed fees as per rules. Fees will be refunded after the cancellation of the admission, as per University ordinance O.2859.


  • The amount of caution money, library deposit, laboratory deposit, if any, will be refunded when a student leaves the College or cancels the admission. Deposits not claimed within six months from leaving the College or cancellation of admission will not be refunded / returned.
  • The amount of deposits will be refunded to the student after 15 days from the date of receipt of his / her application duly signed by student and guardian.
  • The students who have not submitted their identity cards, original deposit receipts, must submit the same against the refund of deposits. Otherwise, he / she stand to forefeit the deposits. Affidavit Bond will not be accepted at any cost.
  • Refund of deposits will commence after 15th August.


  • A candidate who has taken admission in under graduate courses in the College may request for refund of fees after applying in writing for cancellation of his / her admission to the course. The refund of fees as applicable shall be made on or before 30 days after the date of cancellation and thereafter. The percentage of fee for the programme shall be refunded to the candidate after deducting charges as follows:
    Sr. No. Period Deduction
    1 Prior to commencement of academic term Rs. 500/- lump-sum
    2 Upto 20 days after commencement of academic term 20% of the total fees
    3 From 21 day upto 50 days after commencement of the academic term 30% of the total fees
    4 From 51 day upto 80 days after commencement of the academic term st or 31 August whichever is eariler 50% of the total fees
    5 From 1 to 30 September 60% of the total fees
    6 After 30 September 100% of the total fees

    NOTE: The total amount considered for the refund of fees from the commencement of academic term of the courses includes the following: All the fee items chargeable for one year are as per the circulars of University of Mumbai for different Faculties (Excluding the courses for which the total amount is fixed by other competent authorities.)